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{Mon, Oct 2659, '09}   Calix

Okay… So I’m sitting at home, doing homework, minding my own business. For the millionth time today, I decided to visit my good ol’ buddy, twitter dot com. I am currently following @dictionarycom because I like to read the words of the day. This is what I found on my homepage:

@dictionarycom post



I’m on this RPG site my friend created, and I decided to make a new character. While browsing for names on Babynames dot com, I found the name “Calix” and I liked it. That was just a few days ago.

The meaning of the name Calix is  Very Handsome  The origin of the name Calix is Greek

So… as a name, Calix means Very Handsome… but as a word, it means a chalice or a cup? So… Calix is a handsome cup?

Stupid coincidences.


In other, semi-related news, my sister and I started having a discussion about my guitar. She’s convinced I should name mine… I don’t really want to, because that’s just not how I roll. (I’m sorry, I was suddenly possessed and felt the need to say that…) Well, that’s my sunburst beauty down there:


My Guitar

I was in favor of the name Calix, because it sounds so perfectly guitar-ish, right? But my sister seems to have this weird obsession with the Greek and Roman gods, so she INSISTED on the names Diana, Minerva, and Athena. I still like Calix.


Although I have about a whole 0 views on this site, here’s a poll for you guys:


I’m hoping that worked… Anyways, if you don’t like Athena/Minerva/Diana, or you have a different name for me, feel free to comment below.

Vote for CALIX!

Sorry for all the media on this post… I just figured out how to do that… XD


Note, 10-14-10: I get so much spam on this post… WHY!??! I just started deleting it…

Note, 11-2-10: Now my spam has become almost generic, “this isn’t spam” comments. Strangely enough, these comments seem to appear on days when I have no blog views…


{Mon, Oct 1943, '09}   #BeatCancer

For the past week or so, #beatcancer has been a trending topic on twitter. Apparently, “eBay/Paypal and MillerCoors are donating a cent per hashtag (via tweet, Facebook update, or blog post). The campaign is aiming for a Guinness World Record “for the distribution of the largest mass message through social media” in one day.” I’d just like to mention that I love these kinds of things (sort of), so I am here to post #beatcancer on this obvious BLOG POST. So, please spread this message on and help fight cancer. (Tell ’em Mercy sent you! :D) That’s about it.


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