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{Mon, Aug 909, '10}   Skipper

SO I got bored and logged onto my WordPress, just to check out how things were (ya know). I clicked “My Dashboard” and saw… well, how about this? My “Views Per Day” was flat-lined at 0, and there were no pending comments for me to check out. That’s when I realized I probably should use my blog to blog.

Monday, July 26, 2010, at 5 o’clock, I got a pet kitten!!!!!

Alright, where should I start? Umm… His name’s Skipper, and he’s dark grey and very adorable. 🙂 (See below)

Skipper the cat

I have a bunch of pictured and videos that I’m trying to edit together, but it’s so tedious! Ugh! I promise to upload it if/when I finish it.

I used to have a different cat, but he ran away. His name was Kitty, which is actually a funny story. I was in, maybe third grade when we got him? Well, we were told he was a she, and I was totally intent on having a cat named Kitty, like ti was the most creative name ever or something. Anyways, we went to get her spayed, then learned he had to be neutered instead. Kitty was an outdoor cat, so… He went outdoors, he chased small animals, etc. More Kitty stories later?

So this adorable baby (see above) is named Skipper!

I swear Skippy is a dog in disguise! He scratches his ears with his hind paws (ear mites?), chases his tail, bites his paws (fleas?), etc. He loves company and people, and he’s much nicer than Kitty, who liked to claw and bite. The only problem is that he’s forever throwing up.

The first time he threw up, I think he had eaten too much. I’m not sure about the other… three times. All I know is that I hate cleaning up cat puke.

No, he doesn’t eat grass– He’s an indoor cat this time. He pukes up his wet food. Either there’s something wrong with it, or he has allergies, or whatever. Actually, though, we started microwaving his food and he stopped puking… sort of. I think I catch him gag every once in a while…

That’s it on Skipper, I guess. I’ll blog again soon!… I think…


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