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{Mon, Jun 2820, '10}   Those Front-Step Days

Sorry for not posting in a lifetime! I’ll have to move on to a second generation of blog-readers.

When it’s nice out, like it is now (aaaah, summer), I like to play my guitar outside on the front steps of my house.

Here’s what you need to know: I have sporadic interest in my guitar. Every so often, my muses hit me and I go into a sudden flurry of song-writing, story-writing, drawing, whatever. When I get creative, I tend to play my guitar non-stop for hours at a time. Then, all my inspiration will leave and I wind up bored all day, wanting to do something creative, but not being able to. It’s like writer’s block.

When I first got my guitar, I went ballistic. I think my parents expected me to give it up because I tend to get into stuff, then quit. To their surprise, I did the opposite. My guitar and I were inseparable. Every time I picked it up, my mom would get really mad and tell me not to make noise.

So every time my muses leave, I sit around, having lost interest in my guitar. Then my muses come back, I make noise, my mom yells at me. It’s the great circle of life.

Because every time my muses come and it’s nice out, I an compelled to sit outside on the front steps and just play. Yeah…

I forgot where I was going with this. This post actually started as a draft I wrote in May…


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