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{Mon, Jun 1347, '11}   George Washington is a Zombie

Sorry for the delay in updates, my non-existent readers, but yesterday morning, I awoke with a sudden epiphany… George Washington is a zombie! Here’s what I’ve made of the situation:

Little do people realize that George Washington is still animated and among us today. He is, in fact, America’s longest-living zombie. That’s right; George Washington is still here today, as a zombie. He hides in the White House, away from the general public, and resides in the President’s Cabinet, behind the many skeletons. Whenever a new elected official happens to stumble upon his decaying soul, he simply repents by eating his brains. Explains a lot, doesn’t it?


{Sun, Feb 2724, '11}   Grammar

I think this is my first post of the year… It’s nearly march, huh? Oopsies.

So grammar. Can we use fragments like that?

And can we start sentences with conjunctions?

Or should I use “may” instead of “can?”

Till or ’til?

I’ve had a lot of grammar questions over the years (bless my English teachers for putting up with me), but some recent discussions (with said English teachers) have sparked up some confusion in the basics.

When a character is speaking (dialogue), rules can (may?) often be bent, but how far? In a teenage voice, it’s acceptable to say “it’s okay,” as opposed to “it is alright,” but what about made-up words? “Going to,” or “gonna/gunna?” “I don’t know,” or “dunno?”

I think I’ve been tweeting too much… There’s no way I can write an entire blog post after so many 140-character summaries of my life.

{Mon, Jun 2820, '10}   Those Front-Step Days

Sorry for not posting in a lifetime! I’ll have to move on to a second generation of blog-readers.

When it’s nice out, like it is now (aaaah, summer), I like to play my guitar outside on the front steps of my house.

Here’s what you need to know: I have sporadic interest in my guitar. Every so often, my muses hit me and I go into a sudden flurry of song-writing, story-writing, drawing, whatever. When I get creative, I tend to play my guitar non-stop for hours at a time. Then, all my inspiration will leave and I wind up bored all day, wanting to do something creative, but not being able to. It’s like writer’s block.

When I first got my guitar, I went ballistic. I think my parents expected me to give it up because I tend to get into stuff, then quit. To their surprise, I did the opposite. My guitar and I were inseparable. Every time I picked it up, my mom would get really mad and tell me not to make noise.

So every time my muses leave, I sit around, having lost interest in my guitar. Then my muses come back, I make noise, my mom yells at me. It’s the great circle of life.

Because every time my muses come and it’s nice out, I an compelled to sit outside on the front steps and just play. Yeah…

I forgot where I was going with this. This post actually started as a draft I wrote in May…

{Wed, May 1947, '10}   How to Cheat in School

Yeah, this is one of those posts I’d be better off not posting, but… Well… What can i say? I feel like sharing my expertise to other students out there who need it more than me. These aren’t your classic write-on-your-arms-and-wear-a-big-sweatshirt cheat codes, either.

By the way, I don’t use these. I’m a straight-A student. I don’t need to cheat, and I pride myself on not doing so.

  1. If you’re writing a paper that has to be a certain length, fudge the margins a bit. It’s pretty simple, but make sure it’s not too noticeable, or else your teacher will wonder why your paper has larger margins than everyone else’s. If you get caught, say you didn’t know, and that that must be your computer’s default setting.
  2. You can also change the size of your periods. If you make all the periods one or two sizes larger than the rest of your text, you fill up a lot of space. (Once, I made all the periods two sizes larger and wound up doubling my paper.) Best of all, if you print your paper, it’s almost impossible to tell that the periods are larger than they’re supposed to be.
  3. Write some answers on the inside of your desk. Erase them after the test. Easy.
  4. This one is called “the cheat bottle.” You peel away the paper around a water bottle and write answers on the flip side. If you restick the paper on the bottle and look through the water, the answers are magnified so you can see them.
  5. Don’t cheat off the person next to you. Go for the people in front of you, to either side (diagonal). Their bodies don’t cover their papers very well from that angle, and their answers are in plain sight. You can easily pretend to be thinking of an answer, staring off to the side.
  6. If you want to listen to music during class, get an iPod armband and wear it under your long-sleeved shirt.  Run the earbuds down your arm and hold one in the palm of your hand. If you lean your elbow on your desk and rest your head in your hand, you can look bored and listen to music at the same time. Just make sure no one else can hear your music.
  7. Write some answers on a bit of paper and fold it up. You can put it into the battery compartment of your calculator and take it out during the test.
  8. You can also hide a rolled-up answer sheet in the barrel of your pen or mechanical pencil.
  9. If you really wanted, you would fold up the paper really small and hide it under the eraser of a wooden pencil (pull off the metal thing, then slide it back on). You could also place the paper between an arrowhead eraser and the pencil’s normal eraser.
  10. Sew answers into the hem of your clothing or the brim of your cap.
  11. In eleentary school, teachers made us prop up folders so the people beside us couldn’t see our answers, but we weren’t allowed to use the folders of the same subject as the test. For some reason, they never realized that people wrote answers on their folders or swapped papers out of one folder and into another.
  12. If you have a graphing calculator, you can program answers into it.

{Mon, Jan 2537, '10}   Update:

Things that have happened today:

  • The ceiling is dripping water. Actually, there’s TWO leaks. The water is yellow…
  • Ray gave me my capo, but not today. It was about a week ago, but I LOVE it!
  • About that capo: It’s old and hard to get on. The sunburst on Cali’s neck got scratched up. 😦 And I keep forgetting to take it off when i put my guitar away. Isn’t that bad? Like, tension or whatever?…
  • I was talking to my friend about blood-sucking vampires. She thought I said “butt-sucking.”
  • I got a detention for talking. Funny thing is, two other people were goading me. THAT, and we weren’t doing anything in class, and the teacher hadn’t told us to be quiet.
  • My sister found a third leak. We’re out of basins to put underneath them…

{Mon, Jan 1124, '10}   Consider Yourself Updated

I just did something reeeeally stupid. Have fun guessing what it is!

THAT, and I wrote a new song. Whoo, four whole songs! Yeah!… No… That’s actually pretty sad, and it’s just a vocal part… I need to find more writing time… and recording time… and LIFE time…

Well, right about now, I’m working on an essay. I’ve been having a fit all over the internet, sooo…

Apparently, I did the essay wrong, so I had to redo it. I was almost done, too…

Uggggh, I’m so bored! I’ve been working on this stupid thing for HOURS! I’m ready to kill!


And if anyone sees Ray, tell him he owes me a capo.

{Mon, Jan 435, '10}   Mercy Is A Beast?

In reply to Mercy Is Cool?

The day before winter break at school, the teachers took their own breaks from teaching and gave us fun assignments. In math class, we made origami boxes.

If you didn’t know, I am a MASTER at origami (to an extent). I love it, and have loved it since I was little.

Anyways, the box involved ripping paper into squares. Ray couldn’t figure it out, and was impressed by my skills, so he asked me to do it for him. When I handed back his squared of paper (ripped in a shorter amount of time than it took for him to complete one), he said, “Wow. You are a BEAST at art.” Apparently, I am cool for knowing Skillet and a beast for ripping paper.

I’m keeping track for possible blackmail in the future.

That same day, I had art class, where I was shading black-and-white pictures. One of my friends sitting at my table also called me a beast upon seeing my work in progress. Weird…

Well, I hate popular stuff, and the word “beast” is popular. I’m not too thrilled about being called that, but it’s the thought that counts, right?

Did I mention Ray participated in St. Baldricks last year? Random fact I thought I might throw in.

And that day, my math teacher yelled at me for calling a classmate a jerk for bullying me. Right… so the bullies and the gum-chewers and the profanity-using kids and the vandils don’t get in trouble, but i do for standing up for myself?

First post of 2010, whooo!

{Tue, Dec 1549, '09}   10 Things People Don’t Know

So… here are some facts I find rather irksome that I would like to share with you. Because I know you all care.

  1. Sound Travels: When I’m walking in the school hallway 5 feet in front of you, believe it or not, I can hear you talking about me.
  2. Sound Continues to Travel: When I turn around (see 1) and say “I can hear you,” it doesn’t help to talk quieter. I still know you’re talking about me.
  3. Bipolar: To be bipolar does not mean to have sudden, drastic mood swings. I have no idea where that ridiculous idea came from. To be bipolar means to have a range of emotions from depression to some kind of euphoria within a short period of time.
  4. Short Periods of Time: A short period of time (see 3) is a few years.
  5. Low Pants: I’m not sure why anyone likes to see your boxer-clad butt when you bend down to pick up something you dropped. And it’s not really the hottest thing ever when you accidentally pull your shorts down doing curl-ups in phys. ed. class. (true story)
  6. Internet Privacy: The internet is not private. Umm… duh. For example: “Hey, what’s the math homework?” “Hey, how’d you get my cell number? Stalker!” “You posted it on facebook, idiot.” “Aaaah! You hacked my account!” “Nooo, your cell phone number is on your profile. Anyone can see it.” “What the heck!??! Why are you talking to me, stalker?
  7. Your Fault: “My teacher is so mean! She gave me a detention for chewing gum. AGAIN!” Well, you know that you aren’t supposed to chew gum in class… and you know you’re gonna get punished for it… so… why are you chewing gum in class? That applies to other things, too.
  8. Reading Books: Books are actually fun to read, in case you didn’t know. They’re like tv except with more possibilities. Writing, too. As long as you read about something you’re interested in, it’s fun. Like, you don’t play games you hate or watch shows that are dumb, right?
  9. Foreign Language: No, I’m not talking about math class. Foreign language class is very important, so stop insulting the teacher by saying it’s stupid. And if it’s so stupid, then I can only assume you’re such a master that it bores you. Let me be the first to tell you there’s a difference between (Spanish) “¿Qué pasa” and “cabeza,” “tú” and “usted,” and “aquí” and “allí.” “Ropa” is not rope, and “sopa” is not soap.
  10. Typing: Okay… why is it that I’m typing in complete sentences, using punctuation, not abbreviating words, and capitalizing and you claim you’re smarter than me. “your not tipin wright wen u spel lyke this.” “u suc @ typin if u do dis” “aaaaaandddddddd thisssssss isssss juuuuussstttttt annnoyiiinggggg.”

This is my opinion, and if you have a problem with it, then I have a problem with you.

Have a nice day! 😀

Update: Here’s some more that I decided to throw in…

  1. When Juilet says “wherefore art thou, Romeo,” she’s not asking where he is. She really means “why are you Romeo,” as in why did you have to be born into this unaccepted family, or why did fate bring our families apart when we want to be together? That sort of thing.
  2. It’s not really funny to scream “swiiine!” when someone coughs, or even randomly. And it never was. In fact, I find it offensive: Offensive to people with the influenza, offensive to people who know others with the influenza or whom have died from the influenza, offensive to people at risk for getting the influenza, scientists working to cure the influenza, etc. There’s a difference between being mean and being funny.
  3. Believe it or not, but this next one comes up a lot. There’s a difference between a baritone horn, a tuba, a trumpet, a french horn, a saxophone, and pretty much every and any instrument. There’s even a difference between the bari and a euphonium!
  4. Being born with black hair and dark eyes does not mean the person is emo. Wearing black clothes doesn’t make them goth. Being reserved or shy does not make them depressed. Wearing long sleeves does not mean they cut themself. Get these crazy assumptions and stereotypes out of your head!
  5. Other people do not speak with accents– you’re the one that does. Think about it.
  6. If you’re going to sing with your earbuds in, please make sure you can hear yourself. You may THINK you have the voice of an angel, but everyone else thinks you’re tonedeaf.

{Tue, Dec 1533, '09}   Hypocrite!

The show, Hannah Montana on Disney Channel, is hypocritical. Just saying.

I really don’t know why I bother blogging about things that require research…

In the Hannah Montana episode, “Yet Another Side of Me,” Hannah meets her idol, Isis. She then becomes worried her fans will lose interest in her music, and is convinced she will have to keep changing her image to keep them loyal to her.

Well, here’s Season 1 Hannah and Season 3 Hannah:

Hannah Montana

I’m pretty sure the episode gave kids the impression that Hannah will not change for her fans. *cough* selfish reasons *cough*

So what’s this?

New Hannah has a different wardrobe of poofy skirts, animal-print tights, single gloves, *cough* Micheal Jackson *cough* and high waistlines. Old Hannah wore long shirts and simple colors. Her hair has also changed. It used to be long, blonde, and straight. Now it’s shorter, darker, and wavy. And a heck of a lot more.

So what kind of message is this sending to viewers? Hypocrisy is okay? It’s important to change for the benefit of others?

I don’t know. Really, I COULD care less, but…

{Sun, Dec 1351, '09}   Disney Vs. Nickelodeon

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while… THAT, and I don’t feel like doing my homework now, so…

I feel so targeted. Nickelodeon and Disney Channel are going at it, trying to catch my attention. Maybe you noticed. Maybe you never realized it and you are their pawn.

The most major thing I can point out is the internet. The two tv channels are targeting internet-users (YouTubers). Take Lucas Cruikshank, for example. He first appeared on iCarly in the episode, “iMeet Fred.” Later, he guest starred on Hannah Montana in the episode, “Come Fail Away.” Naturally, the television stations are trying to get Fred fans to become their fans. Nickelodeon also featured Care Bears on Fire in “True Concert,” an episode of “True Jackson, VP.” (Yes, Justin Beiber appeared in that same episode)

There are also some minor details I noticed. Disney has a show called “The Suite Life on Deck,” about a group of kids attending high school on a boat traveling around the world. Nickelodeon borrowed this idea for school on a boat on iCarly in the episode, “iReunite With Missy.”

Trying to be subtle doesn’t work. Seriously. I see through this act every time I turn on the tv. Why I’m even watching these shows, I have no idea. There’s a lot more examples I could use, but these are the most obvious. And I’m bored of looking these things up.

Internet users, beware: You’re being used by television.

et cetera