MercyTheKitty Rants

{Tue, Jul 718, '09}   Where’s my pixi stick?

Okay, so a pixi stick is a plastic or paper tube filled with powdered sugar in different flavors. You tilt it into your mouth and eat the powder.

At my summer day camp, there is an ice cream truck that comes in the morning. I’ve been at the camp for eight years, so I know the lady who owns the truck pretty well. Most of the time, she gives me free candy or ice cream when I go to buy something. Today, it was a pixi stick.

So, there I was with my free pixi stick. I didn’t feel like eating it, because my friend was waiting for me so we could play cards. I decided I would want it later, so I put it in my bag.

My bag is sort of like a purse, but a big one– not one of those dainty little things that can’t hold anything worth holding. It wasn’t big enough for the pixi stick, so a little bit of it stuck out. I thought it would be safe.

When lunch came, I went to go get my lunch box, which was next to my bag. Glancing over, I noticewd my pixi stick was gone! I looked around and found it lying on someone’s backpack, so I took it and put it back in my bag.

At the end of the day, I was ready to go home. I picked up my purse and– what do you know? My pixi stick was gone AGAIN! And this time, I had no clue where it went.

So here I am… at home… posting this. And I’m mad at whomever stole my pixi stick. It was mine, and obviously in MY bag, so the theif should have known not to take it.

So if you guys out there want to give me a pixi stick… you know… that’s fine, too…


{Tue, Jun 957, '09}   AIM Hacked!??!

I think my AIM account was hacked. Some random stranger IMed me saying that I IMed them some random, weird message that I didn’t. Nice… Except I had never used the screen name. Anyways, watch out, people! It wasn’t the first random Im they got from a total stranger! The problem has been reported to admins, and I have changed my password, but BE AWARE!

Naw, what the heck? BIG DEAL! Whatever. Blow it off!

Or something…

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