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{Sun, Mar 2926, '09}   Earth Hour ’09

Earth Hour is a global event to try to save planet Earth.  Today, March 28, 2009, turn off all your electronics between the hours of 8:30 and 9:30 pm. Together, we can make a huge difference! I’ll keep editing this post every so often when I have stuff to add, so stay tuned!

For more info, visit

8:33 pm: I want to make a video or take a picture or something to remember this day later… but the camera battery is taking FOREVER to recharge! And my sister is in the shower and won’t turn off the light. And I can’t explain Earth hour to my grandma doing Tai Chi downstairs, so that light’s on…

9:06 Going for a walk (I hope).  I’m bringing my camera to do a 12 second challenge about what to do during Earth Hour. I also have a flashlight that can be recharged by shaking it. i’m going to play with it outside. 🙂 Aah, the open air smells nice…


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