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{Sun, Feb 2724, '11}   Grammar

I think this is my first post of the year… It’s nearly march, huh? Oopsies.

So grammar. Can we use fragments like that?

And can we start sentences with conjunctions?

Or should I use “may” instead of “can?”

Till or ’til?

I’ve had a lot of grammar questions over the years (bless my English teachers for putting up with me), but some recent discussions (with said English teachers) have sparked up some confusion in the basics.

When a character is speaking (dialogue), rules can (may?) often be bent, but how far? In a teenage voice, it’s acceptable to say “it’s okay,” as opposed to “it is alright,” but what about made-up words? “Going to,” or “gonna/gunna?” “I don’t know,” or “dunno?”

I think I’ve been tweeting too much… There’s no way I can write an entire blog post after so many 140-character summaries of my life.


{Tue, Oct 521, '10}   I Don’t Pledge Allegiance

Where I live, our public schools recite the Pledge of Allegiance daily. The principal or some other authority says “Please stand” over the intercom, and students in classrooms are expected to stand and recite the Pledge to the nearest flag.

Today in math class, I did neither said a word nor stood. My teacher noticed midway through, and made a waving hand gesture as if to say, “Stand.” I shot her a look that said, “no.” She whispered to me (for I am in the front row, yay), “You don’t have a choice.” Sulking, I stood for the remainder of the recitation.

On the first day of school, this same teacher said she had respect for students who recited the Pledge, since by now, most kids think it’s a boring waste of time.

I have my rights. I shouldn’t be forced to support something I do not want to, and that includes standing and speaking. Why do I even have to stand? Have authority really become so scared of nonconformity and insubordination that they have to force me to at least LOOK like I care?

Here’s the thing: I’m not a terrorist or anything. I’m not out to kill Americans, and yes, I’m a legal citizen. It’s just that when I think of America, I think of corruption. This once-great country has strayed from what it used to be, and what it no longer has the potential to be.

Don’t get me wrong: I don’t look down on soldiers or patriots. I have a lot of respect for them, actually, for standing for what they believe in. I just feel that I should have my own say, as well, and I should be allowed to fight for it.

I know I’m not alone in my cause. Over the years, the phrase “Under God” has caused a lot of debate. The only difference is that I have a number of reasons why I refuse to say it besides the obvious religion aspect:

  • Religion: Yes, I am not affiliated with any religion at this time, especially not one with an omnipresent, all-powerful being. For people like me, there is no “God” for “one nation” to be “under.” Whatever happened to “separation from church and state?” I remember in elementary school, when we learned about many religions. Whenever winter rolled around, we discussed not only Christmas, but also Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and Ramadan. Once, I was told schoolteachers either had to teach everything or nothing. They were not allowed to be bias. Well, isn’t this the same scenario? As a diverse country, we should be embracing the cultures of everyone, and not just the people who changed the words of the Pledge. That’s right, the original Pledge of Allegiance didn’t even have the words “Under God!”
  • Homosexuality: I know this can apply to more than just the homosexual part of America, but it’s the most obvious example. So the line “with liberty and justice for all” really gets to me. It’s a downright lie. Americans are not equal, and the government knows it. Why can’t homosexual couples marry in most states? Why can’t they adopt children? Why can’t they join the army? NORMAL people can, so why can’t they? Homosexual individuals are living and breathing, too. Why should they not be treated with liberty and justice?
  • Global: There are hundreds of countries of the world, each unique and busting with culture. Is it right just to pledge myself to America? Should I even be allowed to visit a foreign country, in that case? I’ve pledged my allegiance to this one country, so there’s no point in fraternizing with the enemy, right?
  • Legal: There is neither a rule in my school nor a law in the country stating the resuscitation of the Pledge is mandatory. It’s as simple as that.
  • Flag: Even if I wanted to be solely loyal to America, I don’t want to pledge my allegiance to the FLAG of it. Have you realized that? The words are “I pledge allegiance to the flag,” not “I pledge allegiance to America.” I really don’t believe I should be forced to tie myself down to an inanimate object symbolizing an idea. If someone were to point a gun to a flag, should I jump in front of it and save it?
  • Memorization: Even now, as I sit here and tear apart the pledge I have recited every day since kindergarten, I feel no emotional significance to it. Children memorize these words the same way they might memorize lyrics to a song or a jingle. There’s no meaning to what they are saying, it’s simply something to occupy their mouth with. I have had to repeat these phrases for so many years. I’m just sick of it! The sounds coming from the mouths of my peers are barely legible as words– they are simply mouth movements and pauses they have grown accustomed to. These words mean nothing to us. Face it, you can’t force someone to be patriotic.

It feels good to vent onto a blog. These are my ideas, and my ideas solely. What is written on this in no way represents anyone else but me, Mercy. It doesn’t matter if you want to argue with me about it, because, like I said, these are my ideas. If you want to spread your counter-opinions, feel free to create your own blog and ramble about it. Me, well, I prefer to rant to the diverse people out there who can see where I am coming from, and who embrace my being anyways.

Edit: I just realized something else after posting this. I’m in the Diversity Club. Right now, we are working on a project to spread diversity throughout the school. One of the ideas was to get every student to trace their hand and one it, write their name and ethnic background. The only problem was what to do with the hands. I suggested using red, white, and blue paper and making an American flag, but apparently, we’re not allowed to, since some people may not be American. Well, why should non-Americans have to Pledge? According to every authority I’ve talked to on the subject, everyone is “required” to honor the flag and the Pledge. So it’s wrong to use America as a symbol for diversity, but it’s fine to force people to recite it, even if it does not match with their beliefs?

{Tue, Aug 1056, '10}   Groups and Pages

Wow, I am SO sick of all these things showing up on my homepage! So-and-so likes so-and-what. Do I care? Most of these things I find totally idiotic, anyways. For starters:

  • “are you mad,” “no,” “ok ur deffinatly mad” ~~Correct spelling, please. Come on, it’s the INTERNET! There’s this magic thing called spell check that costs nothing, takes up no time, and is very easy to use. Besides that, just LOOKING at this “conversation” ticks me off. Why shouldn’t someone be mad, if you’re busy assuming stupid stuff about them?
  • I fake the dates on my papers so it doesn’t look like i did it last minute ~~Or here’s a thought: USE THE DUE DATE INSTEAD. I’ve never fake-dated an assignment, either because it was a one-night assignment or because I used the due date! And by the way? If an assignment is spread over an extended perios of time, your teacher probably doesn’t CARE when you did it. Teachers aren’t blind– they know kids cheat and procrastinate. And what with the 100+ (depending on the class) papers to grade, why should they concern themselves with the date at the top of the page?
  • I bet Chinese people push their eyelids in and say, “Look I’m American!” ~~Shut up. First of all, that’s so stereotypical and raceist to say that Chinese people have stanted eyes, in the first place, not to mention that Americans DON’T. Not every American is an idiot with a caucasian background. America’s been seperated from Europe for over 200 years. GET WITH THE TIMES! Besides, why would any self-respecting, higher-that-America’s-IQ-combined Chinese person even WANT to be compared to an American?
  • On 12/21/2012 im not doing my homework, excuse will be ” i thought id die.” ~~I don’t beleive the world’s going to end, anyways. Wasn’t the world supposed to end about three different times during my lifetime? But using the “end of the world” as an excuse not to do work just proves people are lazy and pathetic.

And these were just ones on my homepage. I’m bitter torwards groups and pages that aren’t real products or services. They waste my time.

And I also hate fads/trends. Have you noticed no one says “biffle”/”bffl” anymore?

{Tue, Dec 1549, '09}   10 Things People Don’t Know

So… here are some facts I find rather irksome that I would like to share with you. Because I know you all care.

  1. Sound Travels: When I’m walking in the school hallway 5 feet in front of you, believe it or not, I can hear you talking about me.
  2. Sound Continues to Travel: When I turn around (see 1) and say “I can hear you,” it doesn’t help to talk quieter. I still know you’re talking about me.
  3. Bipolar: To be bipolar does not mean to have sudden, drastic mood swings. I have no idea where that ridiculous idea came from. To be bipolar means to have a range of emotions from depression to some kind of euphoria within a short period of time.
  4. Short Periods of Time: A short period of time (see 3) is a few years.
  5. Low Pants: I’m not sure why anyone likes to see your boxer-clad butt when you bend down to pick up something you dropped. And it’s not really the hottest thing ever when you accidentally pull your shorts down doing curl-ups in phys. ed. class. (true story)
  6. Internet Privacy: The internet is not private. Umm… duh. For example: “Hey, what’s the math homework?” “Hey, how’d you get my cell number? Stalker!” “You posted it on facebook, idiot.” “Aaaah! You hacked my account!” “Nooo, your cell phone number is on your profile. Anyone can see it.” “What the heck!??! Why are you talking to me, stalker?
  7. Your Fault: “My teacher is so mean! She gave me a detention for chewing gum. AGAIN!” Well, you know that you aren’t supposed to chew gum in class… and you know you’re gonna get punished for it… so… why are you chewing gum in class? That applies to other things, too.
  8. Reading Books: Books are actually fun to read, in case you didn’t know. They’re like tv except with more possibilities. Writing, too. As long as you read about something you’re interested in, it’s fun. Like, you don’t play games you hate or watch shows that are dumb, right?
  9. Foreign Language: No, I’m not talking about math class. Foreign language class is very important, so stop insulting the teacher by saying it’s stupid. And if it’s so stupid, then I can only assume you’re such a master that it bores you. Let me be the first to tell you there’s a difference between (Spanish) “¿Qué pasa” and “cabeza,” “tú” and “usted,” and “aquí” and “allí.” “Ropa” is not rope, and “sopa” is not soap.
  10. Typing: Okay… why is it that I’m typing in complete sentences, using punctuation, not abbreviating words, and capitalizing and you claim you’re smarter than me. “your not tipin wright wen u spel lyke this.” “u suc @ typin if u do dis” “aaaaaandddddddd thisssssss isssss juuuuussstttttt annnoyiiinggggg.”

This is my opinion, and if you have a problem with it, then I have a problem with you.

Have a nice day! 😀

Update: Here’s some more that I decided to throw in…

  1. When Juilet says “wherefore art thou, Romeo,” she’s not asking where he is. She really means “why are you Romeo,” as in why did you have to be born into this unaccepted family, or why did fate bring our families apart when we want to be together? That sort of thing.
  2. It’s not really funny to scream “swiiine!” when someone coughs, or even randomly. And it never was. In fact, I find it offensive: Offensive to people with the influenza, offensive to people who know others with the influenza or whom have died from the influenza, offensive to people at risk for getting the influenza, scientists working to cure the influenza, etc. There’s a difference between being mean and being funny.
  3. Believe it or not, but this next one comes up a lot. There’s a difference between a baritone horn, a tuba, a trumpet, a french horn, a saxophone, and pretty much every and any instrument. There’s even a difference between the bari and a euphonium!
  4. Being born with black hair and dark eyes does not mean the person is emo. Wearing black clothes doesn’t make them goth. Being reserved or shy does not make them depressed. Wearing long sleeves does not mean they cut themself. Get these crazy assumptions and stereotypes out of your head!
  5. Other people do not speak with accents– you’re the one that does. Think about it.
  6. If you’re going to sing with your earbuds in, please make sure you can hear yourself. You may THINK you have the voice of an angel, but everyone else thinks you’re tonedeaf.

{Tue, Dec 1533, '09}   Hypocrite!

The show, Hannah Montana on Disney Channel, is hypocritical. Just saying.

I really don’t know why I bother blogging about things that require research…

In the Hannah Montana episode, “Yet Another Side of Me,” Hannah meets her idol, Isis. She then becomes worried her fans will lose interest in her music, and is convinced she will have to keep changing her image to keep them loyal to her.

Well, here’s Season 1 Hannah and Season 3 Hannah:

Hannah Montana

I’m pretty sure the episode gave kids the impression that Hannah will not change for her fans. *cough* selfish reasons *cough*

So what’s this?

New Hannah has a different wardrobe of poofy skirts, animal-print tights, single gloves, *cough* Micheal Jackson *cough* and high waistlines. Old Hannah wore long shirts and simple colors. Her hair has also changed. It used to be long, blonde, and straight. Now it’s shorter, darker, and wavy. And a heck of a lot more.

So what kind of message is this sending to viewers? Hypocrisy is okay? It’s important to change for the benefit of others?

I don’t know. Really, I COULD care less, but…

et cetera