MercyTheKitty Rants

{Thu, Jul 256, '09}   I need your help!

I’ve been surfing the web (what else is new?), and I can’t find it. It’s just not there! Maybe it doesn’t exist… maybe it’s locked away forever…

I’m looking for the guitar chords for the Yu-Gi-Oh GX theme song. What’s it called? Get ‘Cha Game On?

If you find it, PLEASE tell me! I LOVE the song, I think it’s BRILLIANT! And playing it would be the BEST! I’m desperate! I’ll give you money (Pfft, yeah right)! I’ll give you power (Umm… I don’t have any…)! I’ll give you fame (maybe if I could get some, first…)! I’LL BE YOUR BESTEST FRIEND FOREVER!!!! (Oh no! What a threat!)

Just to recap, do your best to find it, and give it to me ASAP!


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