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{Sun, Apr 332, '11}   Amelia Earhart

Sorry for seemingly avoiding my blog as of recent. A lot of updates to report, but I wanted to blog about this topic:

Amelia Earhart, possibly the most famous female American pilot of history, was legally pronounced dead on my birthday (joy) in 1939, after she disappeared during a flight around the world. Naturally, people wonder what happened to her. A study appeared a bit ago, to try to answer the question. Here’s the short version, understandable to both me and some second graders:

Scientists, I guess, found a bone fragment in the part of the world where she is believed to have gone missing. Naturally, they think it’s hers. The idea is to take some really old letters Earhart sent when she was alive, and to collect saliva samples left over from it. They were supposed to compare it with the DNA of her living descendants to ensure a match, then test the bone.

The only problem is that after I heard about this, I never heard anything else. No updates, no results. I attended a lecture yesterday, conducted by someone who pretty much works with spit, so I asked her about it. We’re both stumped.

Do you spammers out there know anything about this?


{Mon, Sep 2055, '10}   HARSH

I haven’t blogged in such a long time… Sorry! Thanks go out to all the strange internet people who make my views spike… XD

I can’t believe I haven’t posted this sooner! So over the summer, I wrote a poem entitled HARSH. I wrote it especially to recite at Open Mic Night, which my school’s Writing Club hosts a few times every year. It’s a little bit of a nonsense thing, but it has a good message… I think. It was inspired by my biology class…

Seven miles below the surface of the sea, in the Marianas Trench, an ordinary foraminifer is burrowed in the sand.
Millions of miles into the barren Sahara, a single eragrostis reaches for the sky, atop a common transverse dune.
Directly at 0°, 0°, a lone purple saxifrage bloom stands, contrasting against the plain, white tundra around it.

“They” say life can occur anywhere.
“They” say life is tough enough for anything.
I’m guessing “they” never went to high school.

High school, with it’s unbalanced food chain.
High school, where dog eats dog.
High school, the place I call home.

I don’t feel tough.
And I certainly don’t feel alive.
But I am, aren’t I?

Yesterday, I had a run-in with a gossip.
Today, I was caught in the airless vacuum of the hallway.
Tomorrow, I’ll probably be poisoned by toxic waste on the cafeteria trays.

Maybe I’ve adapted to this environment.
Maybe evolution has something to do with it.
Maybe living here is supposed to be this easy.

Or not.
This could all just be chance.
I’m still at the bottom of the food chain, aren’t I?

But what if “they” are right?
What if I’m really on top?
Does that make me alive?

Inhale, exhale.
Woah, how is this possible?
Am I breathing?

Inhale, exhale.
It works!
I must be breathing!

I can breathe! I can see! I can smell!
Okay, who cut the cheese?
Was it you?

Wait a second…
You’re breathing, too!
Are we the same?

You kind of look like me…
At the same time, you don’t.
What are you?

What kind of creatures are we?
To survive in this harsh place.
How is this possible?

You know what?
Maybe this isn’t so strange.
After all…

Seven miles below the surface of the sea, in the Marianas Trench, an ordinary foraminifer is burrowed in the sand.
Millions of miles into the barren Sahara, a single eragrostis reaches for the sky, atop a common transverse dune.
Directly at 0°, 0°, a lone purple saxifrage bloom stands, contrasting against the plain, white tundra around it.

They say “life” can occur anywhere.
They say “life” is tough enough for anything.
But I’ll let you decide if you’re really alive.

As an afternote, I realize I never once use the word harsh in the poem. Sorry?

{Wed, May 1947, '10}   How to Cheat in School

Yeah, this is one of those posts I’d be better off not posting, but… Well… What can i say? I feel like sharing my expertise to other students out there who need it more than me. These aren’t your classic write-on-your-arms-and-wear-a-big-sweatshirt cheat codes, either.

By the way, I don’t use these. I’m a straight-A student. I don’t need to cheat, and I pride myself on not doing so.

  1. If you’re writing a paper that has to be a certain length, fudge the margins a bit. It’s pretty simple, but make sure it’s not too noticeable, or else your teacher will wonder why your paper has larger margins than everyone else’s. If you get caught, say you didn’t know, and that that must be your computer’s default setting.
  2. You can also change the size of your periods. If you make all the periods one or two sizes larger than the rest of your text, you fill up a lot of space. (Once, I made all the periods two sizes larger and wound up doubling my paper.) Best of all, if you print your paper, it’s almost impossible to tell that the periods are larger than they’re supposed to be.
  3. Write some answers on the inside of your desk. Erase them after the test. Easy.
  4. This one is called “the cheat bottle.” You peel away the paper around a water bottle and write answers on the flip side. If you restick the paper on the bottle and look through the water, the answers are magnified so you can see them.
  5. Don’t cheat off the person next to you. Go for the people in front of you, to either side (diagonal). Their bodies don’t cover their papers very well from that angle, and their answers are in plain sight. You can easily pretend to be thinking of an answer, staring off to the side.
  6. If you want to listen to music during class, get an iPod armband and wear it under your long-sleeved shirt.  Run the earbuds down your arm and hold one in the palm of your hand. If you lean your elbow on your desk and rest your head in your hand, you can look bored and listen to music at the same time. Just make sure no one else can hear your music.
  7. Write some answers on a bit of paper and fold it up. You can put it into the battery compartment of your calculator and take it out during the test.
  8. You can also hide a rolled-up answer sheet in the barrel of your pen or mechanical pencil.
  9. If you really wanted, you would fold up the paper really small and hide it under the eraser of a wooden pencil (pull off the metal thing, then slide it back on). You could also place the paper between an arrowhead eraser and the pencil’s normal eraser.
  10. Sew answers into the hem of your clothing or the brim of your cap.
  11. In eleentary school, teachers made us prop up folders so the people beside us couldn’t see our answers, but we weren’t allowed to use the folders of the same subject as the test. For some reason, they never realized that people wrote answers on their folders or swapped papers out of one folder and into another.
  12. If you have a graphing calculator, you can program answers into it.

{Mon, Oct 1943, '09}   #BeatCancer

For the past week or so, #beatcancer has been a trending topic on twitter. Apparently, “eBay/Paypal and MillerCoors are donating a cent per hashtag (via tweet, Facebook update, or blog post). The campaign is aiming for a Guinness World Record “for the distribution of the largest mass message through social media” in one day.” I’d just like to mention that I love these kinds of things (sort of), so I am here to post #beatcancer on this obvious BLOG POST. So, please spread this message on and help fight cancer. (Tell ’em Mercy sent you! :D) That’s about it.


{Mon, May 1148, '09}   Pet fish…

For some strange reason, my family is split when it comes to pets. My sister likes dogs, my mom likes fish, and I like cats. Anyways, every time we’ve gotten a fish, it has died… and not just natural deaths, either. The first time, it died the night we got it. It was in a glass vase with water plants over it. The roots were either poisonous, or blocked the air from above. We’ve gone from fish to fish to fish! One died of hunger, another was poisoned, etc. I’ve lost track of how many there were…

We haven’t gotten a new fish in a while. All of a sudden, my mom decides to get goldfish! She bought two little fishies, which she told my sister and me about in the car. When we got home, one of the fish was lying at the bottom of the bowl, unmoving. was laughing my head off! It died! As usual!

Some of us thought it was dead, some thought it was sleeping… Any doubt was soon earased. My mom took it out of the bowl, holding it in her hand. And she threw it in the sink. I think it died…

Before I saw the fish, I decided that the two together wouldn’t last any more than 14 days together. That was Saturday, so there’s 12 days left for the lonley goldfish.

I think Micheal Phelps is part goldfish… Every time there is the SLIGHTEST vibration, it swims laps around the bowl like crazy!

{Tue, Mar 2457, '09}   Math and Science?

Some people say that math and science are the same thing. If that were the case, then equations solved in both would wind up with the same answer, right?

My friend and I were arguing about what H2O+H2O was. In math, it would be H4O2, which is what my friend said. I went with the science point of view, being that H2O+H2O would be 2H2O. We ran all over the hallway arguing about it, and explained it to every science and math teacher we came across. They all agreed with me. 🙂 But we were late for our next class (band). 😦 But we explained it to our band teacher and he said both math and science were different and had different answers for the problem.

But here’s another problem:

When you look at the sun for too long, you go blind. That means eye+sun=-eye, right? But if that is true, then is sun a negative number? Wouldn’t sun have to be -2eye? So then the sun is the opposite of your two eyes…

Comment if you have a good answer, because none of us get it.


Added tidbit, 4-29-10: I love “math” that doesn’t make sense. Here’s one of my favorite problems:

Pissed on=Pissed off. Therefore, on=off.

et cetera