MercyTheKitty Rants

{Mon, Jan 1124, '10}   Consider Yourself Updated

I just did something reeeeally stupid. Have fun guessing what it is!

THAT, and I wrote a new song. Whoo, four whole songs! Yeah!… No… That’s actually pretty sad, and it’s just a vocal part… I need to find more writing time… and recording time… and LIFE time…

Well, right about now, I’m working on an essay. I’ve been having a fit all over the internet, sooo…

Apparently, I did the essay wrong, so I had to redo it. I was almost done, too…

Uggggh, I’m so bored! I’ve been working on this stupid thing for HOURS! I’m ready to kill!


And if anyone sees Ray, tell him he owes me a capo.


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