MercyTheKitty Rants

{Sun, Dec 641, '09}   Teen Years: A Documentary?

This blog was created so I can rant and vent or whatever to the people on the internet bored enough to read.

Things I am currently being wrongly accused of by my friends, family, classmates, teachers, guidance counselors, strangers, etc: (not joking)

  • cutting myself
  • being anorexic
  • having depression (actually, that one might make sense)
  • being a conceited, arrogant, self-centered know-it-all jerk
  • spending all my time playing games instead of homework (I DO play games, but I ALSO do my homework)
  • lying
  • cheating
  • possibly doing drugs… who knows what people think of me at this point?
  • starting rumors
  • being a whiny brat
  • stealing
  • being a snitch/tattle-tale
  • being a work-a-holic

In conclusion, my life sucks, and I am happy to share it. I really don’t know why I’m posting this, so…

I’m pretty sure this is the first of many posts I will be adding to this blog today…

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