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{Thu, Jul 3018, '09}   The Beginning of the End (The End of the Beginning?)

Today was the last day.

I have been going to the same summer day camp for the past eight years. For eight years, I have seen campers and counselors alike both come and leave. For eight years, I have grown up with the same games and experiences.

And now it is over.

Today was the last day of camp until next year, but when next year comes, I will not be there. I am now too old to go back to camp next summer.

The day was pretty bad, compared to the average day at camp. We were stuck watching a movie (“The Emperor’s New Groove”), because some kids got hurt, and everyone needed to be out of the way when the ambulances and medical persona arrived. There wasn’t much to do, and the counselors decided to pick on me and be meanies. 😦

Luckily, there were quite a few perks. First of all, all the kids there for their final year (including me) got to play dodgeball against the counselors! We did it without permission from the head counselor… or their boss! (The game ended when that boss came. We had to pretend we were doing something else.) Unfortunately, I FINALLY got a ball and threw it at one of the mean counselors, but someone caught it and I got out. Walking to the bleachers, another counselor pegged me in the stomach. Then I got back in the game later, but my shot was caught again.

I also had lots of candy and ice cream. 🙂

And it is also a camp tradition to pick a counselor with hairy legs and wax one of them with a piece of duct tape. I picked one of the meanies (the same one I was pegging with dodgeballs). 🙂 We were out of duct tape, so I had to do masking tape, which didn’t stick very well. I pulled off about five hairs. There was no screaming or crying. 😦 He wouldn’t give me a redo.

In any case, I was the last camper to leave today. Camp ends at three. At 3:05 (after giving every counselor a hug and exchanging phone numbers with some friends), all the counselors watched me sign myself out for the last time, singing “Goodbye” from “Remember the Titans.” And I left.

I’ll miss camp. I don’t remember a single summer without it.

But in three years, I will be old enough to apply for a job as a counselor. I can be one of the people I, myself, looked up to and played with for the past eight years. And so the cycle begins again…


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Stacy says:

Touching, touching really. Dorothy lost her way in the Wizard of Oz, and I found my way by reading this story. Bloggity blog blog. I like to read your blog, kind sir. You truly are a man who know how to touch people. Are these traditions in America? Because I’m a Brit you see, and I’ve only been to your country when I’ve toured for my two albums. So anywayds, the American traditions are quite odd. You see, here in England, as a final farewell too our elders, we spank them viciously. We then usually have a dance party and listen to lots of delicious msic.

So thank you once again for writing this story. You have touced me.

Woah… Someone actually reads my blog? I’m so excited!

Well, my first comment is that I am not a sir, but I guess that doesn’t really matter. XD

I’m not really sure about most camps, because I’ve only been to this one, but these traditions are only there. I’m pretty sure…

The hairy legs tradition started at my first year at camp. Frankly, it’s not so much a tradition, but something I brought up and did…
Anyways, it started on Water Day which is a day when we play with water balloons and water guns and hoses and whatnot. The guy counselors pulled a prank on the head counselor by dumping a bucket of water on her head. She sought revenge by forcing the male counselor with the hairiest legs to sit in a chair and prop his leg up. Being a little kid then, I laughed hysterically when a rectangle of bare skin was left after she pulled off a piece of duct tape. This may be an exaggeration, but I remember his fake crying and running around screaming, “Nooo! My leg hair! My precious leg hair! It’s gone! My manliness is gone!”
Basically, we’re really weird.
Well, the waxed counselor was the only counselor I had every year I was at camp. Now, he is the head counselor.
So I was bored and brought up the waxing incident, then asked him if I could do that to another counselor. never in a million years did I think he would say yes, but he did!
We picked the counselor together on the last day. It was supposed to be in front of the whole camp, but then there was the whole ambulance thing…
The counselor was one of my favorites; He’s the kind of person that’s pretty cool and we get along so well, we don’t…

I think I would get in trouble if I spanked my counselors in America, but it sounds like fun! lol Then again, it was my last day ever…

Sorry, I tend to rant, hence the name of my blog. But it’s fun to revisit memories. 🙂 I think I’ll post some of my favorite camp memories sometimes… *inspiraaaaaaaation!*

You’re welcome! Thanks for reading! 😀

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