MercyTheKitty Rants

{Mon, May 1148, '09}   Pet fish…

For some strange reason, my family is split when it comes to pets. My sister likes dogs, my mom likes fish, and I like cats. Anyways, every time we’ve gotten a fish, it has died… and not just natural deaths, either. The first time, it died the night we got it. It was in a glass vase with water plants over it. The roots were either poisonous, or blocked the air from above. We’ve gone from fish to fish to fish! One died of hunger, another was poisoned, etc. I’ve lost track of how many there were…

We haven’t gotten a new fish in a while. All of a sudden, my mom decides to get goldfish! She bought two little fishies, which she told my sister and me about in the car. When we got home, one of the fish was lying at the bottom of the bowl, unmoving. was laughing my head off! It died! As usual!

Some of us thought it was dead, some thought it was sleeping… Any doubt was soon earased. My mom took it out of the bowl, holding it in her hand. And she threw it in the sink. I think it died…

Before I saw the fish, I decided that the two together wouldn’t last any more than 14 days together. That was Saturday, so there’s 12 days left for the lonley goldfish.

I think Micheal Phelps is part goldfish… Every time there is the SLIGHTEST vibration, it swims laps around the bowl like crazy!


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