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{Tue, Mar 2457, '09}   Math and Science?

Some people say that math and science are the same thing. If that were the case, then equations solved in both would wind up with the same answer, right?

My friend and I were arguing about what H2O+H2O was. In math, it would be H4O2, which is what my friend said. I went with the science point of view, being that H2O+H2O would be 2H2O. We ran all over the hallway arguing about it, and explained it to every science and math teacher we came across. They all agreed with me. 🙂 But we were late for our next class (band). 😦 But we explained it to our band teacher and he said both math and science were different and had different answers for the problem.

But here’s another problem:

When you look at the sun for too long, you go blind. That means eye+sun=-eye, right? But if that is true, then is sun a negative number? Wouldn’t sun have to be -2eye? So then the sun is the opposite of your two eyes…

Comment if you have a good answer, because none of us get it.


Added tidbit, 4-29-10: I love “math” that doesn’t make sense. Here’s one of my favorite problems:

Pissed on=Pissed off. Therefore, on=off.


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